Halter Camisole and Thong Set

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Halter Camisole and Thong Set

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship, Shipping Only $6, Secure Online Ordering. Order today, receive it soon!



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Regular Price: $14.00

Sale Price: $10.00

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I bought the Halter Camisole and Thong Set for my girl friend this year because I thought it looked really awesome on this site, and I am really glad I did! I got the entire set, with the leg warmers, and hat, etc... My girl friend was mad at me because I missed dinner with her family one night, so I had to make it up to her. Thankfully, I had ordered this set as a surprise for her, and it arrived in the mail the next day! So I went over to her house and gave it to her, and said I was really sorry I missed the dinner, and I really hope she would still like to be my sexy christmas treat this year, and of course she lit up when she opened it and saw what it was. She tried it on that night for me and actually really got into charachter for a while! WOW What a treat! She served me hot chocolate, lit candles, and called me Santa! Haha! Then she crawled up into bed and straddled me and asked me if I had been a good boy or a bad boy this year... HAHA :) I think I like being a bad boy now! ;)
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